I have a passion for diving and have traveled the world filming this magical surreal world, underwater. I am inspired by my experiences, both above and below the surface. These experiences become my creative drive and I translate those thoughts, memories and emotions into surreal underwater scenes. 

The ocean is another world, right here on earth. It’s a world where we can fly. A world where tranquility meets intensity, where we camouflage ourselves with bold bright colors. From the shark to the minnow to the everlasting sea turtle and the living coral that binds it all together, this is a world where life is happening in the moment and only in the moment, every moment, every day since the world was new. No plan, no meetings, just a bold and beautiful state of being.

I have shown my work at galleries in Florida, Minnesota, New York and Washington. One of the hardest things for me when I show my work is when someone wants me to explain the meaning of one of my paintings. I would much rather have them tell me what it means to them, what story they create in their mind when they look at my work.

I recently moved from Seattle to Bremerton where I live on the water and there is so much space to explore on a daily basis. My next series will be taking on a new feel in the near future. Living on the Olympic Peninsula has given me an even greater appreciation for the beauty that is here in the Pacific Northwest. I love the rainforests, with their lush greens and the colors of light that happen here. I love the seas and rivers and mountains and the way they all come together for us right here. Complete, whole, perfect.