Sea Lions in the Sea of Cortez
Diving in Lake Crescent
SS Thistlegorm Shipwreck - Red Sea - Egypt
Diving in the Red Sea - Northern Route - Video 3 - HUGE Eels
Diving in the Red Sea - Northern Route - Video 2
Diving in the Red Sea - Northern Route - Video 1
Beautiful Cenote Diving in Tulum, Mexico
Funny Video of a Coconut Octopus trying to make a home from really big shell
Big Striped Catfish Pile in Lembeh, Indonesia
Funny Video - Clown Fish Join the "Tiny-House Movement"
Fun Clownfish Video
Nudi Time (Nudibranchs that is)
The Wonderful Wunderpus Octopus - Unique Movement
Striped Goby pair
Spiny Seahorse in Lembeh, Indonesia
Beautiful Squid Baby Sparkles at Night
Tiny Shrimp Species in Indonesia
Funny Mimic Octopus Burrows His Really Long Legs Under the Sand
Did You Know There are Several Different Lionfish (Pterois) Species?
Super Cool Banggai Cardinalfish Like to Dress all Fancy and Hang Out in Groups
Striped Poison-fang Blennys Living in Bottles
The Highly Venomous Blue-ringed Octopus
Juvenile Frogfish Walking in High Current - Super Cute!
Super Tiny Pigmy Squid Catches Some Dinner
Hawaii in the Air and Underwater HD
Roatan Diving April 24 & 25
Roatan Diving April 22 & 23
C53 Felipe Xicotencatl wreck in Cozumel
Cozumel Reef Drift Diving
Grand Cayman Diving - Lots of Fish and Fun Swim-throughs
Diving in the Bahamas on a Live-aboard
Bahamas Shark Dive - Shark Frenzy
Diving in the Red Sea - Southern Route, from Egypt
Atlantic Princess Wreck in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic
Reef Dives in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic
St. George Ship Wreck in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic
Bonaire Scuba Diving - Short Version
Lake Owen Fun Dive - 2011
USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg Wreck in Key West, FL - 2009 & 2010 Footage
2010 Ice Dive in Minnesota
Underwater Adventures Aquarium in the Mall of America
Ice Diving in Minnesota
Great Lakes Aquarium Volunteer Diving


Aerial Footage from Western Canada
Aerial Footage of the Pacific Northwest
Memorial Day VW Bus Camping Fun in the Pacific Northwest
Aerial Footage of Bridal Veil Falls & Skykomish River
Aerial Footage From Around the World
Hawaii in the Air and Underwater HD