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Margo Cavis is an artist specializing in surreal painting as well as underwater and aerial video.  


Margo has been mezmorized by surrealism since she was in school. But her surreal paintings have taken an unusual journey. First they were consumed by desert landscapes and anchient ruins, then in 2004 they traversed underwater. Now, her most recent work seems to be influenced by the beautiful lanscape in the Seattle area where she lives. 


Of course margo’s favorite videos to create are from her underwater experiences. But, in 2018, she found another passion… aerial video. She has traveled around the world filming these 2 amazing perspectives. 

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In 2008 Margo switched her underwater focus from Photography to video. She does still enjoy getting underwater photos, but has really expanded her photography skills on the surface. Here you can see underwater photography, as well as travel, journalism, event, and art photography.

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Margo creates 
surreal paintings that tell a personal story.

This story can be interpreted by anyone and many times can relate to your own story. Don’t be afraid to delve in. 

Cavis Turtle Painting

Creativity cannot be contained!

Photography, videography… and a store that provides products with Margo’s unique designs. 

Margo underwater


Underwater, travel and event photography. 
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Video Production

Underwater and aerial video.
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Cavis Creative Store

Shop for Original Art & Art Products

Margo recently added an online store to purchase original art – as well as many cool products with her designs, like clothes, bags, home goods, art prints, and much more. We are adding new stuff on an ongoing basis, so check back often!


Latest News

Here are the latest projects and events!

Cavis - Aerial Drone Footage

Aerial Footage

Aerial Footage From Around the world Aerial drone footage – shot and edited by Margo Cavis.

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Cavis - France


Photos from Paris and a road trip to the southern coast. We arrived in Paris late at night on Dec. 30th… however, our bags did not. Our bags got left[…]

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Margo and Sam Underwater Red Sea


Photos from Cairo and diving in the Red Sea. Sam and I prefer to avoid the commercialism of Christmas, especially now that my kids are grown adults living on their[…]

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