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Pandemic Photography From Home Project

The Art of Margo Cavis

Pandemic Photography From Home Project

This past year has brought many challenges as well as so much heartache to many Americans. Somehow we have finally made it to a point where it feels like this weird socially distant world will finally be able to come to an end!

But, before that happened, I was so very lucky to be able to spend that difficult time with the love of my life and our 2 dogs. And, in December, we were able to move to a place that probably would not have been a possibility before the pandemic, since it is so far away from our employers and I really hate a long commute! So, shortly after our move and all the stress that was involved, I was working from home and spending my lunch hour just wondering around our property with the dogs, discovering all the beauty we now lived with. This inspired me to commit to a 30 day photo project.

I have to admit, it was harder than I expected, and some days I just didn’t feel like I had the time or inspiration. But it was important to me to meet this goal and to try to capture some of the wonder and diversity that made me feel so lucky… and kind of guilty for what I have been blessed with. So, here are my 30 days – beginning Feb. 3, 2021.

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