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The Art of Margo Cavis


Undercover - Painting by Margo CavisThis is one of my newest paintings “Undercover” – (Camouflage Wunderpus). Work on this painting was unusual in that it spanned several years, with long periods of time not working on it at all. This painting was a bit of a struggle to figure out, but once I did, I worked on it constantly for about 6 weeks – weekends and after work in the evening. Then it was immediately shown at the Corridor Gallery in Vancouver, WA.

Margo Cavis - Studio in CyprusThe subject matter of my paintings went underwater in 2004, during an artist residency in Cyprus.

The living conditions where I stayed in Cyprus were pretty terrible, but, I loved the country and I spend a month living there, painting & diving. I had to stretch my canvas on the walls – then roll it up to ship home. When I got home, I built wood stretchers/frames for them. (Those pieces of wood on the floor were covering holes – so I didn’t fall through the floor!)



This surreal painting, while not underwater, I feel like it helped transition me into a new direction with both style and subject matter. This is when my paintings began to tell a story from my heart and soul.


Experimental Red series

Dramatic Nudes