Seattle, WA, USA

Transitional Painting Gallery

The Art of Margo Cavis


Cavis Transitional Painting Mother VictimThis painting “Mother Victim” was a transitional piece – right before I began painting underwater scenes. This painting marked the beginning of my journey to paint about my own life and emotions.

I feel like this painting was a real breakthrough for me in being able to truly tap into my own creativity and unique vision. Before this, I think I had some pretty good technical skills and sometimes I slightly touched on my own personal creativity, but it was not nearly as profound.





Here is some of my older work from different stages of my art career.

Red Paintings
These were the first paintings I did where I was trying to explore my own identity, situation and emotions. I think of them as a learning experience, but also pretty deep in a weird sort of way.

Figure Paintings
When I first moved to Minnesota I did a series of nudes, this is just part of that series. I love the human form, so I am really glad that I went to a school that required figure drawing every year. That education and practical experience was very valuable to me.


Surreal Paintings
These are a few of my early surrealism paintings. I grew up in Arizona, so I have always loved desert landscapes. I think that was a big influence at the time – as well as my deep desire to travel. I still really love giraffes, but since I began diving, the octopus became my favorite animal – with giraffes coming in second – or being my favorite “land animal.”


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