Seattle, WA


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Hoh Rainforest & WA coast

Whidbey Island

Just a few shots from a recent motorcycle trip to Whidbey Island

Grand Cayman Diving

On my most recent trip, my main focus was not on shooting video – it was being there for my dive buddy – a brand new diver. So, I did several dives without a camera and didn’t have my camera on the very best dive of the trip. But I still managed to get a…
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Kraken Solar Flare Max Video Light Review

My first impression when seeing the Kraken 10,000 lumen Solar Flare Max underwater video light was how nicely crafted they are. The light is incredibly durable with metal construction and a strong glass dome for the LED lights that spreads the light underwater. It also comes with a neoprene cover for the dome  and nice soft carrying case – similar…
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Bahamas Diving