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Aerial Footage

Aerial Footage From Around the world Aerial drone footage – shot and edited by Margo Cavis.


Photos from Paris and a road trip to the southern coast. We arrived in Paris late at night on Dec. 30th… however, our bags did not. Our bags got left in Kiev, Ukraine on the way to Paris.   On Dec. 31st, we had a nice lazy morning then met up with Sam’s friend for…
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Photos from Cairo and diving in the Red Sea. Sam and I prefer to avoid the commercialism of Christmas, especially now that my kids are grown adults living on their own. For Christmas 2017 we went diving in Cozumel, but in 2018 we decided to go diving in the Red Sea – from Egypt. Little…
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Pigmy Squid

Super Tiny Pigmy Squid Catches Some Dinner This little clip is nowhere near my best footage from Lembeh, but it was a really challenging – and cool subject. This tiny little Pigmy Squid was about a quarter inch long and was moving around like crazy trying to hold onto his dinner that he had just…
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Hawaii 2018

Aerial and underwater footage in Hawaii.