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Cavis - France

Photos from Paris and a road trip to the southern coast.

We arrived in Paris late at night on Dec. 30th… however, our bags did not.

Our bags got left in Kiev, Ukraine on the way to Paris.  

On Dec. 31st, we had a nice lazy morning then met up with Sam’s friend for a late lunch. I had the duck – which tasted amazing, but I think it was a big mistake! (More about this later.) After lunch, he showed us where we could buy some clothes and other necessities. 

After taking some time to shower and put on the new clothes we bought. The bags were supposed to be delivered that afternoon – but they didn’t come. So we went to celebrate New Year’s Eve at Champs-Élysées. The evening started out amazing. There were so many people there! We slowly worked our way towards the front until it just got too tightly packed, so we decided to turn around and go back someplace with a little more space to stand. On our way through the tight crowd – some jerk stole my phone out of my pocket! I felt it right away, but when I turned around in the crowd, I had no idea who did it. That just changed the whole mood of the evening and it was hard to enjoy it after that. But, we did stay long enough to have our kiss at midnight, then a nightcap – and looking back on it, I am really glad we did.

Getting out of there took some time due to the huge crowd. When we finally got back to the hotel, I disabled my phone and put it in lost/stolen mode so it could not be activated again. We were hanging out in the hotel room talking and having some drinks and baguette. Then Sam and I went to bed. My stomach was hurting bad enough that I could not get to sleep. Throughout the early morning my stomach got worse and worse (revenge of the duck). I became extremely sick and ended up spending the whole day in bed on New Years day, very, very sick with food poisoning. 

(One very weird thing about this is that exactly that day – last time Sam was in Paris he also got extremely sick! He actually passed out in a restroom bathroom and was taken to the hospital. They think his was a bad case of the stomach flu. But, pretty weird coincidence!)

So, after spending a whole day in bed, the next day I forced myself to get up and tour Paris. I also had to go to a pawn shop and buy a phone. We have SO much tied into our phones – having one stolen caused so many more problems than I could have even imagined! PLUS, I can’t really fly my drone without a phone!

Then after that we took a road trip to the southern coast. I don’t think my stomach felt normal the whole time I was in France and I had to be very careful about anything I ate – but it was still an amazing experience in a beautiful country!

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