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Margo and Sam Underwater Red Sea

Photos from Cairo and diving in the Red Sea.

Sam and I prefer to avoid the commercialism of Christmas, especially now that my kids are grown adults living on their own. For Christmas 2017 we went diving in Cozumel, but in 2018 we decided to go diving in the Red Sea – from Egypt. Little did we know, Egypt celebrates Christmas Jan. 7th. So, we did not do so good at avoiding it this time! But, at least during most of that time we were on a boat with a great group of people and some spectacular diving.

Unfortunately the day we returned to Cairo from Hurghada (where the boat docks), a tourist bus hit a bomb. 4 people were killed. This was my 3rd time in Egypt and security has always been tight, due to incidents like this… But I have never had it happen when I was there in the same city and at a place I had just been the week before! Things like this really make you realize how precious life is – and also how fragile.

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