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Cozumel Reef Drift Diving

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Cozumel Reef Drift Diving

Here is some footage from my recent trip to Cozumel!

The diving in Cozumel was better than expected! This was my 4th trip to Cozumel. It was a very last minute decision, since our holiday trip that we did have planned fell through. So, I knew Cozumel would be easy to book and would also be easy diving for my brand new dive buddy that had just gotten certified before our trip.

The trip was really great. The dive operation – Aqua Safari – was well run (I also dove with them back in 2006), but they no longer seem to have the small boat option for individuals, which I prefer – especially in Cozumel. They do have a private boat option though, on a small boat and that is a really great deal if you have a group of 6-8 people. I did do that in 2009 with a group of 6 and it worked out great great since you are diving with people you know and you have more control over dive sites.

Even though the diving was good, and we met several great people – both locals and visiting divers, like us; I am not sure if I will be returning. First, the number of cruise ships docking at that tiny island has gotten ridiculous! Sometimes there are 6 ships!!! So many of our dives were invaded by several other big groups of divers. Not cool!

Then, there is the whole in-town vibe that has changed. We stayed in town because I like to be able to walk around and try different restaurants, etc. But the “barkers” trying to get us into their shops seem to have taken on some sort of privileged, arrogant, and even menacing tone. We are not cruise ship people, we are not there to buy touristy junk that we don’t need. Just because we are on vacation – that does not mean that we have money to throw away… and even if we do – why would we? We even received threats at one point – because we did not acknowledge someone trying to lure us into his shop.

But, I don’t want to end this on a negative. Our trip was amazing! The diving in Cozumel is still top notch. When you get away from the main drag, the people are extremely friendly. And, I must say, Cozumel has some incredibly talented artists. Sam and I spent a whole day driving scooters around the island – and the evening part of that drive was just a search around town for murals.
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