Amberjack Hole

Amberjack Hole is located 32.2 miles outside of Sarasota, FL – in the Gulf of Mexico.
Footage shot by Underwater Cinematographer Margo Cavis.
Special thanks to Greg Galford and Florida Underwater Sports!

This footage was taken for a tech-scout for a movie I was working on. I was scheduled to shoot the following day – so my lights had not arrived in the mail yet – but I wanted to see the site anyway. So, without lights, I did not get much color. There were several storms recently – so the water was just starting to clear up. It was still a cool site! We saw lots of fish, 12 Lion fish (not good), 3 different types of sharks, 2 giant grouper & a small school of barracuda.

Unfortunately the scene got canceled from the movie at the last minute – so all I have is this footage.

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